NOFX 2017.03.28 at ZEPP NAGOYA(名古屋) セットリスト






NOFX 2017.03.28 at ZEPP NAGOYAセットリスト

  1. intro
  2. Seeing Double at the Triple Rock
  3. Murder the Government
  4. I’m Telling Tim
  5. Six Years On Dope
  6. Leaving Jesusland
  7. It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite
  8. We March to the Beat of Indifferent Drum
  9. Pharmacists Daughter
  10. The Man I Killed
  11. Ronnie & Mags
  12. The Idiots Are Taking Over
  13. I Don’t Like Me Anymore
  14. Louise
  15. I Believe in Goddess
  16. Linoleum
  17. Champs Elyseees
  18. what’s the matter with parents today
  19. I’m So Sorry Tony
  20. The Separation of Church and Skate
  21. Bottles to the Ground
  22. Don’t Call Me White
  23. Kill All The White Man



Don’t Call Me White」は神戸でもやって欲しかったですね。

Champs Elyseees」とか「The Separation of Church and Skate 」も羨ましいです。

Stickin’ in My Eye」も「Bob」もやってないのが意外ですね。